Global markets course

  • For:Day Traders
  • By: Michael Orevi, Mentor
  • Languages: EN, ES
  • Level: Expert
  • Packages: Expert

About this course:

Three in-depth online sessions for a total of over nine hours. The live sessions and mentoring - will help you become a more well-rounded student, and become more knowledgable of global markets trading. Learn the basics of currency trading.

What you will learn:

  • Forex market trading basics
  • Commodities market trading basics
  • EU market trading basics
  • Understanding global market interactions
  • Basic orders recap
  • Advanced trading orders
  • Technical analysis
  • Mastering Japanese candlesticks
  • Technical patterns
  • Market news and market fundamentals
  • How to take advantage of market news
  • EU stock best trades and trading strategies
  • Swing trading of EU stocks, indices and commodities
  • Trade, risk and reward management


What do you get in this course:

  • Recorded materials
  • Live sessions
  • Mentoring

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