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Intro Package

We combined everything that you need to start day trading right away in our Intro Package.
This program has all you need. read more..

The package includes:

Self-study icon Self-study Course

Learn to trade with our Introduction to Day Trading course available to
you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The course includes dozens of
learning units, training videos, interactive practice sessions,
presentations, interactive tests, supplementary materials, and more for
you to take advantage of while jump starting your day trading career.

Length: 12 months

The Market Whisperer Book icon The Market Whisperer Book

Meir’s Barak journey as a day trader started in 2004. In his candid, open
style, Meir tells you how he grew from little to much by day trading.

Live Trading Chat Room icon Live Trading Chat Room

Watch Meir Barak, Scott Malatesta and our top mentors in the world’s
most transparent live trading chat room. Get live feedback from
mentors and peers in the trading chat room.

Length: 1 month

Demo Training Account icon Demo Training Account

Practice day trading with a demo trading account in an educational, risk
free environment to get ready for the real thing.

Length: 14 days

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Self-study Course
Trading During a Crisis Course
Star Trader Course*
Advanced Strategies Course*
Case Study Course*
Global Markets Course
Risk Management Course
IPO Trading Course
Top Trader Course
The Market Whisperer Book
Live Trading Chat Room
Demo Training Account
Weekly Mentorship Program
1 on 1 Sessions**
Personal Coaching**

*You can choose one of these three courses to be included in your package. You can choose a different course
to be included in your future purchase of the package.
**Service not included in any package

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