Personal Coaching

  • Length: Five 2-hour sessions
  • Languages: EN, NL, ES
  • Level: All levels
  • Packages: None
  • Instructors:

About this service:

The Personal Coaching is a 10-hour program tailored to your trading needs. The program covers everything, all the way from optimizing your trading set-up and establishing the right preparation routine, to overcoming trading psychology barriers and enhance your trading picks.

What you will get:

  • Create and review your personalized plan
  • Build your strategic playbook and spell out your edge
  • Talk about your risk and how you manage It
  • Define how you will become selective with your trades
  • Discuss and review the execution technique of your trading plan
  • Establish your proper preparation routine
  • Talk about price action, technical setups and detecting opportunities in the current market
  • Overcome issues with your trading psychology
  • Establish meaningful routines to manage your trading journal
  • Review your past trading results and plan the next steps to improve
  • Analyze your trading stats and learn more personalized content according to your needs

Additionally you get

  • Demo training account

Is this service good for me?

The Personal Coaching sessions are meant to pin point your trading strengths and weaknesses while creating a unique and improved plan to enhance your skills.



  • Live sessions
  • Mentoring