Refer a Friend Program

Refer your friends, earn up to $400 per friend who joins.

Refer a friend to any Tradenet service so he can enjoy all the amazing benefits you love.
Enjoy the payment within 24 hours! Fill out the form and we'll take care of the rest.

Thank you, your referal was submited.
If you have any questions that require immediate assistance, please contact your account manager or call us at: 442080891684

Get a high and fast reward!

You receive a reward for each member referred, based on their purchase.
You can receive the payment by wire to your bank account or as a voucher for future purchases, and all within 24 hours
of purchase!

We will issue your benefit within 1 day following the verification of the purchase!

Compensation is subject to any cancellation and/or refund and/or chargeback orders. Tradenet reserves the right to offset such
cancellation and/or refund and/or chargeback from your compensation.


Basic qualifications for the Refer a Friend program:

  1. You must refer a contact who has not been engaged with Tradenet in any previous, ongoing or prospective business relationship.
  2. The student you referred must complete a purchase of an Education service with Tradenet.
  3. The referral is required to properly sign and submit the Tradenet's Registration Form*.
  4. You, the Day Trading Education referral, must complete and submit the form above.
  5. To claim the compensation, you must be a Verified** Tradenet Client.
  6. Should you wish to become a leading trading education affiliate with us? Contact us by email at [email protected]
  7. If you manage a trading community or you are an opinion leader with over 10,000 followers on a major platform, please contact us
    separately at [email protected]
Tradenet will deliver the Referral Award compensation to the email address provided by you on the Referral Form.

It is your responsibility to provide Tradenet your full and complete email address.

You waive any claim against Tradenet or Tradenet’s Refer a Friend Program, regarding any case in which the Referral Award
compensation has not been received or delivered due to incorrect email address.

In case Tradenet is unable to deliver the Referral Award compensation to you for any reason, including, but not limited to, regulatory
reasons Tradenet may, at its sole discretion, provide different compensation of equivalent value, with or without notice.

Tradenet, including Tradenet’s Refer a Friend program, reserves the right to reject referrals including but not limited to referred
individuals who are already registered on Tradenet’s system, who are existing customers, or who are prospects or partners of

**Verified Tradenet Client – a Verified Tradenet client is a client who purchased a day trading education service and signed and
submitted the Tradenet contract.

All tax consequences and payments arising from the payment of the referral will be the sole responsibility of the referrer. Nonetheless, the Company will deduct all taxes and mandatory payments to the extent that these taxes are required by any applicable law at source unless the referrer provides the Company with an appropriate certificate of withholding tax.